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INSTALLATION    インスタレーション

水囊 すいのう




size  :  1750mm×1750mm×20mm


和紙 Japanese paper

墨  Japanese Ink - Sumi ( ink made from lamp soot, or from burnt pine )

膠、糊 organic gelatin glue

胡粉 Pigment Ink ( sea shells )

アクリルガッシュ絵具 Acrylic Gouache




Filter jelly


I selected an iconography of jellyfish this time because jellyfish is the worst creature as having relationships with human beings, beautiful and emitting light. And jellyfish and other marine organism are familiar with me because I was born and brought up in a seaside home town.

The sea in my town - the sea as far as I know is stagnant like dirty sewage and there was some years that shell gathering was prohibited because toxicity was discovered from fish and shell fish due to seawater pollution for a period of time. It was jellyfishAureliathat floated in the dark green and stagnant water beautifully and innumerably. These is a large outbreak of Aurelia in Japan and it occurs damages for people such as bad influence on fishery or impeding by the attack on intakes of cooling water of power plants.

However the causes of the large break are an increase of suitable concrete walls at the seaside to promote jellyfish growth, a rise in sea temperatures, and an increase of plankton as a feed for jellyfish caused by eutrophication due to seawater contamination, and so on that is to say, it could be said that it is caused by environmental pollution caused by development by human beings. The more jellyfish outbreak occurs according to development by human beings, the worse damages will come back to us.

But jellyfish is not only the cause of damages for people but also makes substantial contribution to purity the seawater. Jellyfish produces mucus and it solidifies matters floating in the seawater and then sink them to the bottom of the sea, in this way, creatures in the bottom of the sea can decompose matters which creatures floated on the sea cannot decompose or solidified matters turns to clay in the bottom of the sea. Jellyfish has the responsibility to filter pollution of the water. That is like God washed away ground and purified in the story of Noahs flood in the Book of Genesis. If human beings didnt devastate our surroundings, it would not rain heavily.

Jellyfish is a symbol of human beings sins.


Exhibition "Nagoya University of Arts Degree Show" 





水囊 (すいのう)









Three-way race   三つ巴




和紙 Japanese paper

  Japanese Ink - Sumi ( ink made from lamp soot, or from burnt pine )

鉛筆 Pencil

水干 Mad paints

胡粉 Pigment Ink ( sea shells )

膠、糊 organic gelatin glue





Three-way race



Green…Apis mellifera (honeybee)

Black…Apis cerana japonica Rad(Japanese honeybee)

Red…Vespa mandarinia


Apis mellifera will steal the honey of a Apis cerana japonica Rad and Apis cerana japonica Rad will starve to death.

When a Vespa mandarinia attacks Apis cerana japonica Rad, Apis cerana japonica Rad wraps Vespa mandarinia in a group, and kills it with heat. 

When Vespa mandarinia attacks Apis mellifera, you are made to destroy the nest of tens of thousands of Apis mellifera completely by tens of Vespa mandarinia. 


In Japan, strange triangles including Apis mellifera  taken in for apiculture are woven today. 


It is made deliberately that we are seeing now and it is the world meant and born. 

It is natural and the world currently seen is true. 


If it resisted in it

if it be frank 

if there was nothing completely 

if flame is stood and it whirls in the world


Exhibition "Sculptures Class Exhibition"   


































Two sides of a mistake  表裏錯誤



size : box    H1,760×W1,760×D1,760mm


新鳥の子紙 Washi(Japanese paper)

  Japanese Ink - Sumi ( ink made from lamp soot, or from burnt pine )

金泥 Pigment Ink ( Gold paint)

 Organic Gelatin Glue



size : shoji    H1,760×W1,760×D20mm


障子紙 Shoji paper

障子 Shoji 

ルミラー lumirror

ブラックジェッソ Black gesso





Two sides of a mistake


Pictures are the things of whole surface nature, and depth, a form, etc. are imagined from the information acquired from the surface, and it visualizes within a brain. 

Is there some which were visualized truly? 

How is it reminded of the background? 

How are people looking at the thing by the idea?


Exhibition "A Form Without a Form”














2012/4                                                                                                photograph : Ko Yamada


size  cake :  Diameter210mm×H100mm               space :  4000mm×2500mm



薄美濃紙 Japanese paper

便所紙 Toilet paper

蝋燭 Candle 

生麩糊 Flour glue

膠、ドーサ液 organic gelatin glue

水性マジック Mzgic

既製品 Ready made  






The exhibition “WHAT I AM” is an exhibition which asks “What am I ?”

Probably, I did not think that also getting to know and interest would be explored. If some causes or questions do not start it, what happened in the world which he does not know to the origin to which was born. 

It happened on that day when I was born. It is the convoy guard strategy of the tanker of Kuwait of the U.S.  the "Ernest Will strategy" at the Iran-Iraq War. 

It is the day when the U.S. Forces intervened in war. Probably, this information was not known without the opportunity to investigate oneself in this exhibition as a cause. Also relation of oneself and a subject matter, It is only post-installation. 

The day and it which were produced by chance were only the same. 

Even if something is going to occur, of the world, it is only my birthday on that day.

I do not know the world which everyone knows. And myself whom everyone does not know 

,it were all of me. 


Exhibition”WHAT I AM







 展覧会 WHAT I AM  とは、「自己とは何か?」を問いかける展覧会である。






The world which is not in sight  ミエナイセカイ




透明フィルム Bright film

障子屏風 Shoji folding screen

盆提灯  Bon paper lantern

薄型レンズ  Thin lens





The world which is not in sight 



It puts a photograph into a bon paper lantern and it is projecting all over the room. In the room which was a altar room.

A photograph rotates in paper lantern sound, and the pattern of the photograph escapes from the crevice between paper lanterns, and runs about the inside of the room. 

Among two paper lanterns, one is a photograph of the picture of its original work of the recollections after I myself am born. In another side, the documentary photography of the global big occurrence which happened by today is copied. 

While two kinds of the countless image is intermingled, it whirls around in the room. 


The flow of a time is visible also to what [ different ] by the angle which looks at it, or a place, though it is the same. 

Self is only one fragment of a big time, society, and space. 

However, what was formed by the collection of the memory of self is making a big time, society, and space. 

A color being mixed mutually, it both flows and two gears move. 


Exhibition “Kyukatotei Art Project 2012 ~Play of the Memory garden~

















展覧会『旧加藤邸アートプロジェクト2012 記憶の庭で遊ぶ


Overwriting   跡る(あとる)  




ルミラー lumirror

アクリルガッシュ絵具 Acrylic Gouache







There is no substance in memory or recollections itself. 

This work is a work which copied the pictures work of my childhood term to the shoji. 

A shoji will be re-covered by the new thing if paper becomes old. 

Memory as well as it is overwritten. 


Exhibition "Kyukatotei art project 2011 ~Play of the Memory Garden~"











展覧会『旧加藤邸アートプロジェクト2011 記憶の庭で遊ぶ